What you get

The benefits of a custom-built website
A custom-built website is a smart investment and one that will help your business grow. Here are a few reasons why: A unique look to match your unique brand
It's not about trying to fit your business and brand in to the placeholders of a template, but build a polished foundation to highlight the uniqueness and sophistication of your business. Your brand sells your business - and your website sells your brand.

Search engine friendly
Your custom web design can have efficient code that is built to make your website fly, and not try to be a big template shell to be all things for all users. Beyond performance, the HTML can (and will) utilise industry-standard and proven mark-up to help boost your site's exposure to search engines.

Focused on your customers
A custom web design can build an optimal structure, flow, and user experience to help your customers reach that call to action, and complete a form or pick up the phone. Your custom web design builds a quality presence around your brand, proudly projects your business image to your customers, and helps your business stand out from your competition.

The foundation for scalability, longevity, and growth
If you buy an off-the-shelf template, what happens if you need to make a change? A custom web design gives you the opportunity to forge a relationship with experts who can help your site grow. Any time you want your web site to do something new. Some templates only allow the end user to access certain portion of the site, with a custom solution you can make almost anything editable.

Website Structure

  • Create Wireframe
  • Fonts, Colours, Icons, Logos, Animations
  • Home Section
  • About Section
  • Service Features Sections
  • Testimonials
  • Team Section
  • Pricing
  • Image Video Gallery
  • Scroll and Mobile Navigation
  • Responsive Layout and Testing
  • Footer, Terms, Privacy, Copyright
  • Modal Box
  • Email Accounts and Contact Form

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Advanced SEO Structure
  • Page Load Speed
  • Keyword Mapping, Header Tags and Meta Description
  • Site Map.xml and Indexing
  • Submitting to Directories
  • Link Building
  • Code Validation, Plagiarism and Unique Content
  • Local Search SEO
  • Social Media Set Up